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Introducing the Cutera Excel HR: The Ultimate Solution for Hair Removal

Cutera HR

At Divine Hair and Beauty Salon in Northwood Hills, London, we are thrilled to unveil our latest service - the Cutera Excel HR. This ground-breaking device revolutionises the world of medical aesthetics, offering unparalleled excellence in beauty treatments. It is medically graded and FDA approved, so you know that you're in a safe pair of hands!

Discover the incredible capabilities of the Cutera Excel HR and indulge in a transformative beauty experience like never before.

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Cutera: Innovators in Medical Aesthetics

Cutera, founded in 1998 by veteran laser and optical engineers, continues to drive innovation in the field of medical aesthetics. With a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional results, Cutera's philosophy is simple - supply exquisitely engineered devices that prioritise performance, safety, and efficacy. Trusted and used by top dermatologists worldwide, Cutera remains at the forefront of technology advancements, surpassing competitors with their ground-breaking solutions. 

Unveiling the Power of Cutera Excel HR - Versatility for All Skin Types

The Cutera Excel HR is engineered to cater to all skin types, ensuring that everyone can benefit from its remarkable capabilities. With its unique Trupulse delivery system and Index Matching technology, this device optimises the delivery of laser energy, guaranteeing enhanced comfort and safety for clients.

Unmatched Comfort with Superior Contact Cooling

Experience unparalleled comfort throughout your treatment with the Excel HR's superior Contact Cooling system. By providing continuous cooling before, during, and after each laser pulse, this advanced mechanism protects the epidermis and minimises the risk of burns and pigmentation changes. With the Excel HR, you can achieve exceptional results without compromising safety or comfort.

Cutera Signature Treatments

Beyond its remarkable hair removal capabilities, the Excel HR offers an array of signature treatments designed to rejuvenate and revitalise your skin. Laser Genesis, one of Cutera's most sought-after treatments, is FDA-approved for all skin types, including tanned skin. This innovative solution targets fine lines, acne scars, large pores, and uneven skin tone, delivering exceptional results and enhancing your overall skin texture.

Unrivalled Speed and Safety

Prepare to be amazed by the Excel HR's unmatched speed and class-leading safety profile. This advanced device offers the fastest treatments on the market, allowing us to treat two full legs in just 15 minutes and perform a full-body treatment in under an hour. Furthermore, its contact cooling system significantly reduces the incidence of burns and pigmentation changes, ensuring your safety throughout the entire treatment process.

The Cutera Excel HR: More Than Just Hair Removal

The Excel HR's versatility extends beyond hair removal. Equipped with a built-in Nd:YAG laser, this device excels in various treatments, including vascular treatments on the face and body, epidermal pigmentation, skin tightening, collagen boosting, and advanced dermatological procedures.

Additionally, it delivers Cutera's renowned Laser Genesis treatment, which can be combined with other techniques to enhance skin texture, rejuvenate the face, décolletage, hands, and even address conditions like melasma and hyperpigmentation.

Experience the Excellence of the Cutera Excel HR

At Divine Hair and Beauty Salon, we are committed to providing you with an unparalleled beauty experience. With the support of Cutera's industry-leading customer service and backed by impressive clinical evidence, we proudly offer you the absolute leader in professional-grade laser hair removal. Embrace the power of the Cutera Excel HR and transform your beauty journey today.

Book your appointment at Divine Hair and Beauty Salon and discover the limitless possibilities of the Cutera Excel HR. For more information, please call the salon on 01923 825781 or 07543 441889.

Laser Hair Removal Northwood Hills

 Laser Hair Removal At Divine Beauty Salon Near Pinner

Ditch the razor and visit Divine Beauty, Laser & Aesthetics Salon in Northwood Hills for permanent laser hair removal instead!  Gone are the days of razor rash and ingrown hairs when you opt for  laser hair removal treatments which will leave you with silky, smooth hair-free skin. 

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to permanently remove unwanted hair on the face and body. It is especially suited to clients with darker, coarser hair.

Important: Before your first laser hair removal treatment, please come in for a personal consultation and patch test so we can assess which treatment best suits your needs.  This also allows us to explain the process and achievable results. 


Laser Hair Removal For Body & Face

Laser hair removal is perfect for any part of the face or body.  If you have dark, coarse hair that you would like removed, then laser hair removal at Divine Beauty Salon in Northwood may be exactly what you need! We also offer other methods of hair removal including waxing and threading. To find out more about our full range of hair removal, please click here.


The Best Laser Hair Removal Results

For long-lasting hair removal, we usually recommend between three and ten sessions per area. The number and length of sessions depend on the areas being treated. Laser hair removal is relatively painless with clients saying they sometimes feel a slight stinging sensation.  We will, of course, do all we can to keep you as comfortable as possible during your treatment.

Book A Laser Hair Removal Appointment At Divine Salon In Middlesex

Imagine a world where you have smooth, hairless skin without the hassle of shaving... Well, that world is a reality at Divine Beauty & Aesthetics Salon in Northwood Hills! Book your laser hair removal consultation with our experts by calling us on 01923 825781 or 07543 441889. You can also book online.