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The Latest Nail Trends: Get The Look At Divine Beauty Salon In Northwood

When you have perfect nails, it can really complete your look. At Divine Beauty Salon in Northwood Hills, our nail technicians are highly trained in creating gorgeous nails that last. From the classic French manicure to bright, vibrant nail polish and even beautiful nail art, our expert nail technicians can create whatever nails you desire at our Middlesex beauty salon.

If you have a picture of what you would like your nails to look like, then please bring it in and show us so that we know exactly what you want!

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Nail trends at Divine Beauty Salon in Northwood Hills, MiddlesexNude Nails

Natural, nude nails are perfect for school or work where distracting nail polish is not allowed.

We love nude nails because our expert nail technicians can find the perfect nail polish to compliment your skin tone.

French manicures also incorporate nude nail polish for the base colour with white at the tips.

At Divine Beauty Salon, we can create natural French manicures or French manicures with a twist such as the nails shown here! 

Nail trends at Divine Beauty Salon in Northwood Hills, MiddlesexRed Nails

One of the top nail trends at the moment is the modern French manicure, as seen here.

This popular nail trend involves using a fun, bright nail polish for the tips of the French manicure rather than the traditional white nail polish that is typically used.

Here we see a nod to the traditional French manicure with the line of white beneath the red tips.

Red nail polish is particularly on-trend – not only for this design, but also on its own as a single colour applied to the nail! 

Nail trends at Divine Beauty Salon in Northwood Hills, MiddlesexPink & Purple Nails

You can’t go wrong with a pink nail polish or purple nail colour!

Embrace your femininity with a pretty nail polish colour, and you’re sure to feel fabulous all the way down to your fingertips.

At Divine Beauty Salon in Northwood, we offer a wide range of high-quality nail polish colours so that you can have any nail colour that you desire.

Whether you have long nails or short nails, when you have nail polish on it automatically makes your nails look gorgeous no matter the length. 

Nail trends at Divine Beauty Salon in Northwood Hills, MiddlesexCool Nail Art

Express yourself with a fantastic pattern or design on your nails! Nail art is always on-trend and is a great way to make your nails unique and suited to you.

At Divine Beauty Salon in Middlesex, our skilled nail technicians can create bespoke nail art designed specifically for you.

If you’ve seen some nail art that you would like our nail technicians to recreate, please make sure to bring in a picture!

Just take a look at the gorgeous nail art we’ve created for one of our lovely clients here.


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