Teeth Whitening

Divine introduces Prosmile Cosmetic Teeth Whitening . The next generation of cosmetic teeth whitening technology provided by a qualified dental professional. Prosmile cosmetic  teeth whitening uses the latest and most advanced Cold blue LED light technology which was developed in Los Angeles -California. . The process effectively removes stains that have built up over time withiin the microscopic pores in your teeth . There are a great many benefits from whitening teeth and the results smile for themselves. The Prosmile session will take no longer than 60 minutes , and this includes a full consultation. Our system drastically reduces sensitivity issues and negates gum burns commonly associated with other teeth whitening systems. The whitening gel has been specially developed with a neutral pH, which is perfectly balanced for the health of your teeth by our FDA and ISO laboratory.

In House Treatments

In-house Immediate Whitening                                  £179.00
Top up                                                                             £59.00

Home Kits

Home Kits                                                                       £59.00

Oral Care

Toothpaste                                                                      £49.00

Tooth Gloss                                                                    £15.00