At Divine we are passionate about all we do and use products that really work and pride ourselves in offering individual treatments for your benefit.

For all our skin care we use Environ products as we feel that they have the finest quality of active ingredients. They are products that energise, exfoliate repair and ultimately produce a beautiful healthy skin that glows. We truly believe ““Ageing skin is not inevitable and damage can be reversed”

Our massage, whether you require relaxing or invigorating to get the tension knots out from your back. Select the perfect oil for the day and relax in comfort.

Your eyes will say all you ever need to say. Tint, trim and tidy your brows and see the difference in minutes to what more your eyes can say. Add lashes for a subtle change or longer thicker lashes for the statement look.

Female Body Waxing

Full Arms (inc. shoulders & hands)                                    £15.00
Half Arms (inc.elbows & hands)                                         £10.00
Under Arms                                                                             £6.00
Full Back                                                                                £15.00
Half Back                                                                                  £9.00
Full Stomach (Breast bone to Bikini)                                  £13.00
Full Leg (inc. feet)                                                                 £22.00
Full Leg & Basic Bikini (inc. feet)                                         £25.00
Three Quarters Leg (inc.feet)                                              £15.00
Lower Half Leg (inc. knee & feet)                                        £12.00
Upper Leg (inc. basic bikini exc. knees)                            £15.00
Upper leg (exc. Knees)                                                         £12.00
Basic Bikini Line & Top                                                            £8.00
Bikini Extended & Top                                                           £12.00
Bikini Thong
(extended, Top & buttock crease)                                       £15.00
Brazilian                                                                                  £18.00
Brazilian with Buttock Crease                                               £21.00
Hollywood                                                                               £21.00
Hollywood & Buttock crease                                                 £24.00
Full Body (inc. intimate exc. Face)                                       £89.00


Eyebrows                 £5.00

Upper Lip                 £4.00

Chin                          £3.00

Neck                         £4.00

Forehead                 £3.00

Side of Face             £5.00

Full Face                 £22.00


“Ageing skin is not inevitable and damage can be reversed”

Mini Facial (30min)                                                                                       £25.00

For all skin types. Includes Skin Analysis, Deep Cleanse, Tone & Mask

Environ Facial (60min)                                                                                £40.00

All skin types, includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam, blackhead extraction, pressure point massage, and mask.

Decongesting facial (60 mins)                                                                 £35.00

Ideal for young skin with acne breakouts. The facial decongests hydrates heals and soothes the irritation and reduces redness.

Anti- ageing facial with eye treatment (60 mins)                                    £60.00

This facial encourages the skin to accept Vitamin A by promoting damage repair and promote the growth of collagen. Wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes is reduced by mild needling and introducing Vitamin A eye gel

Anti-ageing facial (50 mins)                                                                         £50.00

Anti-ageing facial reduces deep lines, wrinkles, pigmentations and hydrates the skin.

Hydra boost treatment (50 mins)                                                                 £40.00

The perfect facial for dry and lack lustre skin. Intensive deeply hydrating and firming facial. Includes steam cleanse massage and mask. This is boosted with hydrating oil.

Environ Skin peel (50 mins)                                                                           £40.00

Mild and regular peeling help to aid penetration of Vitamin A, smooth photo damaged skin. Light repetitive peels are preferable to torturous heavy ones !


Back/Shoulder Massage (30 mins)       £25.00
Full Body Massage (60 mins)                 £40.00
Full Body Exfoliation                                 £40.00
Back /Shoulder                                         £25.00
Hopi Candle with Ear Massage              £20.00