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Radio frequency is a revolutionary non invasive  treatment designed to tighten and tone skin. It Is effective for whole body areas or specifically to lift and tone the face. It works by delivery of energy in the form of heat to the dermis – the deepest layer of the skin as well as the sub dermal layers without damaging the top layer . RF provides very effective and fast treatment and treats Wrinkles, Skin laxity, Acne, Enlarged pores ,Local fat and Cellulite

The benefits of RF

Heating in this area causes collegen stimulation causing contraction , realignment and new elastin production. Radio Frequency can help to firm and sculpt your face and body resulting in tighter , younger looking skin . Any person can benefit from this procedure, young or old.

Some people have obvious signs of ageing from their early thirties and will benefit from smoothing out these lines before they become deeper and more pronounced. The body too will show  signs of aging and skin around the arms and thighs may start to sag. It is always better to prevent earlier than later in life.  The better results are achieved around the eyes lips and neckline

Smoking,  alcohol,and  excessive sun exposure and poor diet all speed up the ageing process further.

How long is a treatment and what does it feel like ?

A full facial treatment requires around 40 minutes, and a body treatment may range from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the extent of the area being treated. A gel is applied to the treated areas and there may be a gentle heating of the skin as the RF piece is applied over the skin .

With the arrival of modern RF machines , the treatment is virtually painless and there is no redness or down time.

How often should the treatment be done?

The number of treatments is determined according to the severity of the conditions being treated, but normally 6 sessions is recommended. Long-lasting results can be seen immediately after the first session, but the effectiveness will obviously wear off due to the natural ageing process. You can simply use it before a night out when you want a youthful more admired appearance. If used twice a week for 4 weeks as a combination of more treatments the effects are more long lasting.

Is this treatment safe for me?

This procedure is completely safe and approved by the FDA. However those who should NOT have this procedure done are those with

Electrical devices such as pace makers , heart valves, metal implants or artificial metal joints. The RF currents interfere with these devices and may heat up the metal implants. Also in the case of Angiotelectasis  – dilation of the terminal arteries , venules or capillaries. Those with diabetes or who are pregnant should seek medical advice before starting this treatment.